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Back in the days of Shakespear, Romans and even before that, all entertainers were men. If anyone actually thinks about it there are endless examples. So I would say to Adam, you looked like the ring leader in a three ring circus who uses anyone and anything for his own self indulgence. I was so disappointed with the song. When she's in her fat stage, she covers herself from head to toe.

It's funny that kids could watch Eminem curse the hell out of a song but you can't watch a guy entertaining his fans!!

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It's totally a double standard. WHY do they think anyone wants to see that part of themselves? But of course, American gays are an active threat to common decency, marriage, families, heterosexual relationships, children and so on, and must be actively discouraged lest they Destroy Civilisation As We Know It.

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Just today Kris tweeted congratulations to Adam on his album and for folks to go and buy it.