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Retrieved 12 June The published version is available at www. In this context, it can be noted that the results presented complex representational fields that support the sense of change that society is going through. It was noted that the first two representational fields opposed to each other, as the first was composed by classes 1 and 2which were called respectively "healthy development" and "inadequate development" and the second by classes 3 and 4entitled "prejudicial society" and "egalitarian adoption". Arquivos Brasileiros de Psicologia, 60 3The scientific process is fundamental for cooperation in changing the social representations and attitudes of the population, as the practice of the social sciences leads to substantiation of their quotidian concepts social representations. Interacting systems in human development.

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Regarding the question about the social representations of adoption by homosexual couples, which makes up corpus 1, diverse positions were found, however, the majority were in favor of adoption.

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Print publication date: March SPSS does not allow for estimation of these covariances, so they could not be included in the models. No term mentions that adoption by same-sex parents is possible, however, none prohibit it either, therefore, the sexual orientation should not be a criterion for the exclusion or prioritization of adoption candidates.

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A limitation of the early investigations was that only school age children were studied.

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