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Later, in the s, the color became fashionable and Italian women would sit out in the sun with their locks submerged in a corrosive solution for that luxurious blonde color. Wednesday, September 26, - Justin Bieber and I no longer have the same hairstyle. For years, I had sported haircuts so uninteresting they would fit snugly into any given fraternity composite. This will keep it looking healthy and prevent your stylist from having to re-bleach your whole head every time you sit down in the chair. That plan was derailed by the family and friends occupying my house for the holiday, so it was pushed back to December. But this year, Troye is on top of the pop world.

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Blade wins journalism awards.

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He is currently an adjunct lecturer at Rutgers and lives in Brooklyn. Cassandra Mansuetti. Skip to main content. Blade wins journalism awards.

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Prep your hair before you dye it.

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