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Working in a range of media including paintings, drawings, blown glass, and installation, Rosemarie Fiore creates vivid abstractions through various technological mechanisms, such as fireworks, lawn mowers, waffle irons, and cars. The color field paintings by Jill Nathanson are rich with contradiction as they explore color energies, material versus immaterial, as well as tensions between form and color. Steven Zevitas, publisher of New American Paintings, ranks the top shows to see throughout the country. Lynden Sculpture Center Emilie Clark: It would perhaps have sufficed had Clark simply presented her tables and shelves laden with edible discards rescued from her own kitchen over the course of a year, as she does at the center of this exhibition. New York Magazine Critic's Pick January 12, Allee's stark and hypnotic photographic series Dark Day enables us to explore a side of our city - including the J train, the Trump International Hotel, and the headquarters of Goldman Sachs - that we wouldn't normally be able to see.

Contemporary Drawing as Idea and Practice.

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Paul Villinksi Sculpture Installed at The University of Texas

June 11 - August 17, "Beauty Reigns: Each begins with the stillness of a historical period interior and is boldly interrupted by new digital animation. In each case the 30 new artists define or redefine areas of the West Collection and add amazing content to our program. Always pushing the confines of contemporary art, beta pictoris makes no exception with the addition of the annual pulp series. It has to be unique. Her portraits of youth are both innocent and unsettling, suffusing the unexpected qualities of humanity with an alien radiance. Attributed to Steve Paxton,

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Patches of color may fade out as they approach the edge of a panel, or a more diffuse grouping might alternate with sharply contoured hues. Rauschenberg and his close friend Jasper Johns are referred to as Neo Dadaists; this category of artists continued the earlier Dada movement in which artists questioned the very definition of a work of art. He creates meticulously mapped out pieces by gathering population and topographical data, utilizing computer imaging, 3D printing, and other technologies. The volumes written, disseminated and institutionalized by presiding political entities are now compromised by a swelling number of alternative histories — giving voice to minorities, migrants and those formerly on the losing end of landmark battles. Sharon Louden's animation, "Carrier", featured in Talking Transition November 16 - 23, 12 November, Open Society Foundation has organized Talking Transition, a temporary structure at Duarte Park, located at Spring and Canal Streets, that will serve as a platform for public dialogue with the Mayor elect. Beth Lipman Beth Lipman, who lives and works in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, creates glass sculptures influenced by still life paintings from the seventeenth century.