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We are not tabloid journalism, we are an encyclopedia. Three years after Aiken left the nest of American Idol 2, the same media frenzy that helped create his star status is now threatening his career. According to the RIAA's website it isn't. March 1, Aiken was supported by local orchestras, which also opened the concerts with a program of seasonal music. I view it as a negative claim, but I know people who would view it as a positive claim.

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Elton John and George Michael both made their names and fortunes playing up their sexual appeal to their predominantly female fan base before publicly acknowledging that they were gay.

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He later recorded a video, featuring the song " Give A Little Bit ", to be used as a public service announcement to raise money for tsunami victims. Often times, Baptists do indeed look favorably on each other, even on that basis alone. ArglebargleIV

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