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Peterkin said, straight men embraced the mustache. Photographed, written and exhibited over the course of a few months, Gay Semiotics depicts what Fischer calls, "the ambiguity, the way of being able to code things and communicate, and not have it be misunderstood. Incredibly, while beards were banned from onwards, the British Army actually required all soldiers to grow mustaches until World War I; after that, they became associated with the higher ranks, especially in the Royal Air Force. Even today, while U. With the constant trimming, twisting and waxing, this form of facial hair can be a high-maintenance nuisance. The "gay look" has now blown itself into the mainstream.

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Perhaps needs to be spread the same way its styles have.

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What do you get? Whereas in the s, the elegant lip-strips of silver-screen stars like Clark Gable, Errol Flynn and Ronald Colman had bestowed glamor, prestige and enormous popularity upon the mustache, says Hawksley, its associations with both Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia made the thought of wearing one feel decidedly less dashing in the decades following World War II. Created with Sketch. While we might think of ironic hipster face-fuzz as a recent phenomenon, the idea of the mustache as a guerrilla fashion statement, worn with an air of knowing self-parody, goes back much further than we realize — something Hawksley understands better than most.

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For Hawksley, the answer lies in its surprisingly important place in military history.

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