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It might seem surprising at first that the city most associated with the Mormon Church — which believes that sex and marriage should occur between only a man and a woman — has the seventh-highest share of L. Texasthe landmark Supreme Court decision that legalized relations between same-sex partners. Friday September 19, Metro areas with a greater share of gay and lesbian residents tend to lean Democratic. A recent increase in arrests and killings of gay men in the southern Russian republic of Chechnya has reportedly prompted many people to delete their online social media accounts for fear of persecution. It has become the largest and most prominent predominately gay men chorus in Texas. Trending Articles.

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Texans can thank Republican governor Rick Perry for that.

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Name Total High School Bachelors Hispanic, 26, White,Black, 36, Other Race 55, 27, 5, Asian 31, 26, 19, Multiple Races 16, 14, 6, Native American 2, 1, Islander November 13, Greenwood Publishing GroupJanuary 1,

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In Lupe Valdez, a Latina lesbian, was elected as the sheriff of Dallas; she was the first woman, Latina, and gay person to hold this position.

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