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The two have a daughter who they named Simone. Following the divorce, Dwayne Johnson started dating Lauren Hashian. Travolta, such a joy in "Get Shorty," seems thoroughly bored and, even the usually reliable Harvey Keitel is dull. This movie had four music numbers, a dance sequence, and a montage. Using his "negotiation skills," he tries to run an independent record label with the wife of a murdered friend, played by Uma Thurman, and try to get his young singer Christina Milian a hit record. All I gathered from this film was that the key to success is buying a T-mobile phone and drinking diet pepsi. Rampage — which oddly enough is based on a computer game yes, really is due out in cinemas next April.

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Everything that's wrong about "Be Cool" is crystallized when Chili waxes poetic about the reasoning behind one of Aerosmith's classic songs.

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Then the grind of the inferior mind behind it begins. Put 75 people in the cast and someone is bound to make you laugh. Actually there are a couple of things, first they have a 15 year old daughter. In the beginning of the film John Travolta aka Chili Palmer and a music executive played by James Woods are driving in a car talking about movie sequels, and how most aren't good. As this film opens, Chili, has a change of heart when he listens to a young, and talented singer, who is performing at the Viper Clup in L.

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Whether it is the gangsta entourage or the gay muscle guy that has a movie poster of Sylvester Stallone's Rhinestone on the wall, no characters is above offering us anything we haven't seen many times before and in much better films. I might as well just come out and say it, right? James Woods- Sucked but not his fault. We're also saddled with Cedric the Entertainer, Andre Benjamin, The Rock and Vince Vaughn, who has rater speedily become one of the most annoying actors. Film commentators then race to come up with reasons for its runaway success. Get Shorty was clever with Chili playing one group against another and coming out on top.

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