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A few days later, the Japanese sued for peace. Atafter a textbook perfect mission lasting 12 hours and 13 minutes, the Enola Gay landed at Tinian Island. The Enola Gay 's complete serial number BMO, indicated that it was a B built at the Martin Omaha plant built in block 45, and was ordered in fiscal year However, there was a problem with Harmon Field's runway; it was too short to safely takeoff a fully loaded FA or B on a mission to Japan. The first step was identifying the man who would command the unit.

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Lieutenant Colonel Paul Tibbets was chosen to head the bomb delivery mission in September ofand he selected the rest of the crew.

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Campbell,p. Army Air Force radar specialist Jacob Beser was the only man who served on both the Enola Gay in the Hiroshima bombing mission and the Bock's Car three days later when its crew bombed Nagasaki. Over the past half century, some of the crew have returned to the city to take part in the annual commemoration celebrations.

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High-altitude bombing was a new tactic inand Tibbets relentlessly drove his flight crews to increase the accuracy of their bomb drops.

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