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It's in fact the world's largest and longest running queer theatre, and their plays are a gift to the community. Despite its importance, some people argue that The Body Politicboth in its contributors and in its content, reflected a gay world dominated by educated, white gay men. This means they get a constant flow of requests for help from around globe. The Civil Marriage Act is passed, making Canada the fourth country in the world to officially sanction gay marriage at the national level. There is no shortage of material in the Uganda file.

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What was The Body Politic, anyway?

Though The Body Politic had an outsized impact, its readership was relatively small, with over 3, subscribers at its peak. Some of our materials are stored off site. Operation Soap The Body Politic played a crucial role in the resistance that followed Operation Soap, the mass arrests of gay men found in four bathhouses in Toronto. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we try to make the CLGA more accessible to all. But part of its legacy is the number of writers it incubated — over 2, people contributed to the magazine in some form during its tenure. They also charged Gerald Hannon, Ken Popert and Ed Jackson with using the mails to distribute immoral, indecent or scurrilous literature.

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We are so lucky to have them showing us LGBT stories on screen from around the globe. They always, always need help giving their patients dignity in their final days and making them as comfortable as possible. As we continue our efforts to make the CLGA more accessible, we are renovating the front of the house to add a ramp to the front entrance. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. This is a group of artists who mentor youth. They're working on some major renovations next year to make the space completely accessible, but anyone is welcome to stop by anytime and have a dig.

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