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Christian Milano, a junior and member of Alpha Sigma Phi at Seton Hall, is working with a sorority sister at his school to create a sexual-consent education program for Greeks nationwide. Little, Brown and Company - May 21st, A collection of date-rapists that like to drink shitty beer and "stick it in" passed out drunk girls. By Melanie Benjamin. See homosexual 2. Biloxi Hardcover. But what about the good actors?

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A Midwestern student told me that he was plagued by anxiety after two women complained about his premature ejaculation.

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Was he targeted and attacked specifically for being gay? The victim, Rancel Valdez, says he was invited to the event and spent several hours there before a group of men approached him. By Christy Carlson Romano. Is he gay?

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The fraternity — with its focus on membership and belonging — can change this mind-set.