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There's no way around that. Not sure where you are, but if there's a high-end jeans store where they have a bunch of different barnds and will be able to help you find the right kind for your body, you should try there. Maybe this guy is dressed like this so he can walk up to people and steal their wallets while their eyes implode. No matter how a guy might treat his other girl friends, you should feel just as comfortable around us as we would prefer to around you. Complaining about that just enforces the reasons why we don't trust you. Ever seen someone do a death drop on the sidewalk?

gay clubing costume
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Recently a friend of mine came out as gay duh, and I'm gonna take him out club hopping, I want to look nice cuz I've been crushing on that guy sense before he came out

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No matter how much I've been enjoying your company or pretending towhen the Zachary Quinto look-alike smiles at me I'll be off like a condom at a meth party. Looking for the sexiest gay outfits for the parade? Most will be found dancing to house remixes in the main area; others will slope off to explore the in famous dark room.

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