Gay footballer stories

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As more people come out, it really does make it easier for others. The first guy practically tore my pants off, ripping my underwear away from my skin and revealing my solid member. When they finished, the coach ordered them to go to the lockers and wait there for him. My eyes darted to the door's lock as I realised I hadn't used it, and the door swung open. The all took turns fucking my ass and my face.

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I had a fairly thin but toned body, and my big round ass is what girls say they like best, but the team members had all big round muscles.

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Gay football stories

Some father and son sex when mom is not home. Then, some guys started to get some of my abundant precum to rub it on their chests and nipples. Luckily I chose right, and hid in one of the toilet cubicles nearest to where the large changing area was. Where life is perfect, but is it for Aiden? My Best Friend Kevin. He began pushing my head straight to the hilt of his cock, my nose in his pubes, and he would forcibly hold my head there until I moaned for air or until the constrictions of my throat and the pleasures of my mouth brought him to close to the edge and he would pull out up to his head leaving behind a trail of thick pre in my mouth, how much I wished this football jock would fill me will his seed.

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Others were licking cum from my body. We were talking about what my contract was going to be. I tried to get back up but he pushed down on my shoulder with a powerful arm. First time in a locker room: This story is true, with name changes and minor changes suited for writing. I worked my way around the circle, each guy wanted my mouth on their cock.

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