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Warmer Bruder is part of a large group of German expressions relating temperature to homosexuality, especially male, and deserves special attention, not only because of the anachronistic expressions is the best known, but because it brings with it part of the history of what we now call homosexuality, from the Middle Ages to our days. We also have to comment on the possible relationship between the slang words warm and schwul. Began to be used in the Middle Ages. We asked our German friends and we always got the same answer, there were no more words. Post in our blog in Spanish. Read more here.

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The first references found of this slang date from the 18th century and would be related to different maneuvers of persecution and execution, as well as judicial proceedings, against male religious congregations, to which on a well-founded basis or not, were accused of homosexual behavior and pedophilia.

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Over time, and continuing with the search, we find Dr. This expression has its origin in the 19th century as a result of the medical debate in which homosexuality is considered as a disease. RE noun. The Spinatstecher is also documented in several dialects, such as the one talked in Frankfurt, in which Spinatstecher in addition to homosexual man is also used to refer to the own penis.

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Simple ideas that were probably among the first that the patriarchy produced.

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