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For the record, Louis gave a very polite -- but firm -- response, and then said to me later, "I can't believe I flew 8, miles to my people's homeland only to get proselytized to by Christians moments before landing. Some visit Evita prior to whatever party is going on that night, while others stay there all night for events like Bingo, Eurovision Karaoke, and other festivities. The bustling city of Tel Aviv, with its skyscrapers and shops, nightlife and cafes, was unified with the old city of Jaffa, thus merging the dynamic and modern Tel Aviv with the magical historical Jaffa. Many attractions have English signs or brochures. Shuffaluff 20, forum posts. Log in Join.

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Tel Aviv parties tend not only to be large — one of the best ones I attended was held at Bloq, a large arena located near the Tel Aviv bus station — but Israelis know perhaps better than any other people in the world how to let loose. Ironically, the eventful history of Israel brought the Jewish rebels to hide is Masada, struggling with a roman siege 72 A. Definitely consider doing a trip on your own.

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