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He was pretty much unemployable. Frisbee, due to his prominence in the movement, was frequently photographed and interviewed. Frisbee grew up in an unstable home where he was exposed to the dark underbelly of s Californian society. Hi, your not the only one. Lonnie influences their lives.

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The next day they began to pepper her with questions, far beyond her understanding as a new creature in Christ.

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Meanwhile, in May John Wimber was laying the groundwork for what would become the Association of Vineyard Churchesalso known as the Vineyard Movementhe had witnessed the explosive growth of Calvary Chapel and sought to build a church that embraced the healings and miracles that he had previously been taught were no longer a part of Christian life. The Life and Death of a Hippie Preacherthe two spoke about addressing Lonnie's homosexuality with his family. For me, Lonnie is a good measure of what the Spirit can do and who the Spirit will use. Lonnie left the organization.

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Frisbee converted to Christianityand joined the first street Christian community, The Living Room, a storefront coffeehouse commune of four couples in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco started in

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