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I have a very high sex drive and perhaps a smattering of sexual addictions. Logo and all related marks and designs are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. There aren't actual answers, and it proposes again the notion that sexuality is fluid, and people are open to variety. Some condemned him as a closet-case, while others kept an open mind on the subject. Still, the figures are interesting, and prompted researchers to ask: The problem with the hetero stuff is that too often the women are just used as toys. The responses from other redditers were varied.

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I am happy with myself and my gf is fully aware of this.

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This is how many straight men 'secretly' watch gay porn

I view it all but do not consider myself gay. Most Read Most Recent. It is my guess that a lot of straight guys consume gay porn. Meghan Markle Meghan Markle appears in public for first time since dad's bombshell letter leak The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have returned to the Natural History Museum - the location of one of their 'secret dates' to watch a theatre production about Charles Darwin. In simple terms, the research basically argues that men consume an eclectic mix of porn.

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Gordon Banks Lineker's tribute to 'extraordinary' Gordon Banks reveals idol made him to want to play in different position. Could it be that some men are, maybe, a little bit gay? Even fewer straights admitted to their own gay porn habits. It is my guess that a lot of straight guys consume gay porn. They said they watched everything. Just the sex please. A report published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour asked gay, straight, and bisexual men about their porn-viewing habits, and there were some interesting results.

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