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Along the Antarctic Circle, the sun does not set on the day of the summer solstice approximately December 21st and does not rise on the day of the winter solstice approximately June 21st. Your inquiries are very similar, so I will be able to answer the three of you simultaneously. Predicting the weather is certainly a tricky task, and all meteorologists strive to do the best job they can. Meteorologists use the scientific method on a daily — and even hourly — basis! Solid or frozen precipitation includes ice pellets, hail, snow, snow pellets, snow grains, and ice crystals. If there is enough moisture, then it may condense, forming a cumulus cloud, the first step towards thunderstorm development. It is characterized as having the warmest temperatures of the year, except in some tropical regions.

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Huschke, R.

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By Chrissy Warrilow. Latest Weather Blogs. Silvester forgot the earthquakes. MIST A collection of microscopic water droplets suspended in the atmosphere.

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A meteorologist must monitor the current conditions during a weather event, and use their knowledge of weather similarities and differences to discern what is going to happen.

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