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Rationales about procreation cannot do the explanatory work as the state allows infertile couples to marry. Show Comments. So I'm not going to marry one. Civil Unions are an acceptable alternative that do not use the word 'marriage'". The minority will almost always lose — history shows us this time and time again. You can try and spin it any way you choose, but one need only to read all their declarations of secession or take a look at their states constitutions to know the truth. You bet.

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Evans, the justices held that certain types of discrimination against gays — in housing and employment, for example — violate the equal protection clause.

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Separate but equal was not good enough because it "served as a threadbare cloak for covering distaste for or repudiation by those in power of the group subjected to discrimination". Sports teams are a bit special because in some sports, women's physiology makes it much harder for them to compete on an equal level, and integrated teams in those sports could lead to all the honors going to men because they're physically advantaged in that area. Special Projects.

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Physically separate facilities for bathrooms and drinking fountains; socially segregated churches and restaurants; and even separate access to hospital care, police and fire assistance, and of course political power via the election booth.

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