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Also inDon Schwamb began gathering information and documenting it for this web site. From there they could see who might come in the front door and make a hasty retreat if necessary. A Green Bay native, Anna moved to Milwaukee in and has never looked back. Note that, especially on this web site, we may edit certain materials to obscure names of living persons who may object to appearing in a public forum for privacy reasons. The following are recollections of others who have been kind enough to submit their personal memories to the webmaster. By the end of the s, gay men and women had developed a presence, albeit not always a welcome one, in the city. Transsexual Grammars at the Fin de Siecleed.

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The Archives A major effort is underway to gather remaining archival meterials from people and organizations while they still exist.

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Michail Takach: The forgotten LGBT history of Milwaukee

Artifacts from the LGBT Collection continue to be displayed at PrideFest—testimony to the rich tapestry of LGBT politics and culture in Milwaukee and to the individuals, organizations and events that have shaped the social life of the city. Our purpose in doing so is not to exclude bisexual, transgender, or any other persons, but to reflect accurately the historical period in question. A gem of Milwaukee's downtown, the Historic Third Ward is the city's thriving arts and fashion district. Since the s, bars are openly advertised as gay in public media, chambers of commerce literature, etc. Local writer and activist Jamakaya notes: All contents on this web site is hereby licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.

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Recent News Angela Damiani: Potawatomi, Harley-Davidson, and the Milwaukee Brewers. In Milwaukee, lesbians and gay men mobilized to care for their own. Gay Black Wisconsin, and Ms. The Menomonee River Valley is home to some of the biggest names in Milwaukee: A Green Bay native, Anna moved to Milwaukee in and has never looked back. The History Project The beginning of the History Project goes back many years, with individual efforts of a great many people in storing documents and memorabilia of LGBT life in the Milwaukee area, whether it be social life, businesses bars, restaurants, etc.

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