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That's the first thing that popped into our head. The First Amendment says nothing about your getting paid for saying anything. I don't want to be Charlie Chaplin, stumbling around until something gets a laugh. Plays the upright bass in his show in Vegas. The National Guard is shooting students at Kent State. I love being around David Allen Coe.

I like to change my mind and it's good business to be in business with people you don't agree with.

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Building a professional relationship on respect as opposed to affection is a very good idea. I don't believe the majority always knows what's best for everyone. Owned an over-sized sport-utility vehicle painted bright pink he nicknamed it "Pink Death"with a Nevada vanity license plate that read "6SIX6". I live in Vegas, and I see people by the side of the road with cardboard signs who seem like they might have tried that spending their way out of debt thing.

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I love the way things look on the screen.