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Ethiopia employs a "two-pronged strategy that results in a climate of fear and self-censorship," said Leslie Lefkow, Human Rights Watch's deputy director, Africa division. Ethiopia is a deeply religious country — the majority of its citizens are Orthodox Christian, then Muslim — but many church leaders are increasingly progressive when it comes to social issues like family planning. The Facebookers don't like to think about the future. The Facebookers — who Dabir wishes cared less about pop divas and more about future generations of gay Ethiopians — don't think the government will ever let him open his shelter. When friends enter, they're greeted with chirpy Hiiiiis — an homage to RuPaul's Drag Race — before joining the jumble of cute boys sitting on the floor, drinking tea, eating spaghetti, and sharing photos from a recent "glamping" glam camping trip.

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Dabir assumes he'll have to flee the country eventually, even though that means abandoning his family, who he has supported ever since his father died a few years ago.

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The latter measure is both cruelly specific — children and the disabled are two examples of many marginalized groups that can't be protected — and vague enough to scare nearly everyone. But that's because they don't push it. Later, Victor posted a photo of his shiny nails with some thoughts:.

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They text each other constantly.

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