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Compared to similar sites, the average lengths of videos are longer. Their credo is simple: Over our anniversary weekend additions will be made here as well as on the BI Men Network website. What we hope is that people will back up their choices with responsible behavior. We provided an empty site and our customers have filled it.

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The BI Guy Dilemma.

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Many members are just BI-curious and never actually have same-sex with other men. If you are a member of such communities please join there, or IF you have a keen interest in such men join there. The next closest BI grouping has men and women both. We provide that safe harbor and haven from the storm for our membership. If MY personal way is to purge my BI-libido in writing fantasies and contact with the very occasional special guy then that is there for me. You would think that fact would make it easier as it proves that we are not some obscene result of an oppressive mother; or abuse by some male role model fire fighter; cop; or construction worker--mores the pity. A Florida BI-men-network guy!

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You can take a few extra minutes every time you are surfing the NET to tell other bisexual, BI-curious and gay men about us. The kiss of an aggressive mustached mouth is so much more carnal than the sweet soft lips of a woman; the abrasion of a hairy chest against your erect nipples so much more animal like than soft pliant breasts; the heat of an engorged cock sliding past your lips so much more awesome than the warmth and wetness of a pussy. BBC stroking with door wide open LiveTouch. Articles containing Japanese-language text. There have been plenty of societies in the past Greek Athletes; Roman Centurions; Japanese Samurai where man-to-man intimacy had zero stigma and was even seen as productive to their group. If you have an interest in or travel to certain nations please do go join those groups. It is important though to not forget that it should also be a comradeship where we advise and protect each other.

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