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You can either let it go or just suffocate in your own bigotry. Barack Obama wrote a beautiful letter to a year-old girl who was being bullied about her gay parents. This was after Frank McNulty, the Republican Speaker, delayed bringing the bill to the floor in time to beat a midnight deadline. Offering incense to idols and reading the Quran are greater sins than watching porn. The Greenland ice sheet is melting unusually fast Graphic detail June 17th, While the president has consistently supported civil rights for gay couples — peppering his comments with specifics such as hospital visitation, transfer of property and Social Security benefits — his discussion of marriage has differed.

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This is confused further by a clause in the constitution usually called the Full Faith And Credit Clause, which says that the states:

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You don't remember okay that's fine. Features Infographics Projects Issues Menu. Gunman dead after shootout with police outside Dallas court building.

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My assessment was that this was ill-timed.

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