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Sarah Gogin Resident San Francisco. Speakers stressed that LGBTQ-friendly education is necessary in order to teach young, gay people that they are not unnatural, and that is important in order to prevent bullying which leads to self-harm and even suicide. That so many people mobilized on such short notice to stand up for LGBTQ rights in Taiwan sends a strong signal, no doubt prompted by a sense of crisis and fears that marriage equality and LGBTQ-friendly education will be voted down. Apart from that they themselves are sometimes internally divided on the issue, some suspect that this is because anti-gay groups as the Protect the Family Alliance and Happiness of the Next Generation Alliance are advertisers in these publications. Pro-rights campaigners say this scenario could have been avoided if President Tsai Ing-wen and her party had taken action sooner to adopt the ruling. Brad Braxton Minister Open Church.

pro gay marriage rally
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Earlier in the day the….

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LGBT friends around me, including opinion leaders on Facebook, are trying to save lives. With fears that the conflicting sets of questions on the referendum will prove confusing, much emphasis was placed on communicating which referendum proposals to vote for and which referendum proposals to vote down. Karen Bailey Phoenix.

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March 26, U.

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