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Raya is exclusively for adults and we very often ID applicants to ensure this. It will be as though you never left. NASA scientists, cancer researchers, poets, painters - interesting people from all walks of life from all over the world have found us with no affiliation or anyone to vouch for them, and yet, the committee felt they possessed some special quality which would strengthen the community. Retrieved from " https: The world is enormous, and applications come from every corner imaginable, thus community selection isn't perfect. This girl claims to have such a dilemma.

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For the few who might disregard community values by being disrespectful or mean, all members are encouraged to point this out and report those people.

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On rare occasions, members do not depict themselves in a manner which the committee believed they would. Raya declined to comment for this story. And while JJ posts pics of himself on stage or at big-name bars, my recent images include a picture of me gurning with a mud mask on. It's no surprise he's had to turn to dating apps to seek out a new relationship with his reputation of being quite the player on the LA scene.

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Although Tinder had introduced verified profiles for stars to join in the fun but many of them found the giant blue tick by their name very indiscreet.

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