Reasons gay marriage

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Here are 3 billion more reasons to vote 'yes' to same sex marriage. See how people who live near you responded On same-sex marriage, the sharpest divisions are just down the road Three decades after hosting 'anti-gay' rally, civic centre hosts gay wedding How same-sex marriage changed everything for these couples How legalising same-sex marriage impacted queer teens Opinion: In our age of hyper-tolerance we try to avoid stigmas, but stigmas can be an expression of common grace. It is a subsidiary of The Pew Charitable Trusts. Differences are particularly pronounced among religious groups.

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ABC teams share the story behind the story and insights into the making of digital, TV and radio content.

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Here are 3 billion more reasons to vote 'yes' to same sex marriage

We've already resolved the legality question of homosexual sexual relationships. We do not help each other in the fight for holiness when we allow for righteousness to look increasingly strange and sin to look increasingly normal. Accepting Society Legalizing gay marriage will show people that being gay is accepted by the society. While of course people are entitled to their private views, acting on that discomfort contravenes antidiscrimination laws, and tends to make people social pariahs — sorry, young lawyers. The Parental Rights Amendment

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The step after surrender is conquest. Marriage is not simply the term we use to describe those relationships most precious to us. According to the recent census, there are 46, same-sex couples living together in Australia at least, openly gay couples willing to declare it on their census forms. Trump slammed after wading into 'yellow vest' debate Millennials v baby boomers battle may be hiding something more sinister Two Chinese tourists among the dead after 'very high speed' smash on notorious WA highway photos Sea water sucked 1 kilometre inland as industry places bores under intense pressure photos Roger the ripped kangaroo dies after 'lovely long life'. This rhetorical device is known as the straw man. The idea that kids need the active involvement of a father and a mother to be "normal" is not borne out by data, or in the many same-sex and single-parent families we already have, but it remains powerful after centuries of being the social norm.

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