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Kirkus Reviews. The precise genes involved in the causes of being gay have not yet been identified but they appear to come from the mother. However, he is skeptical of Freud's claim that the behavior of parents influences the future sexual orientation of their children, writing that while psychoanalytic theories about homosexuality have not been proven wrong, they are no more plausible than the idea that unidentified flying objects are alien spacecraft. Real straight men have no interest in sex with other men. He wrote that LeVay's claim that if one of a pair of monozygotic twins is gay, the other is roughly fifty per cent likely to be gay as well is incorrect, and that research that LeVay himself cites shows that the actual odds are much smaller. Velasco called the book "a comprehensive, engaging and occasionally quite funny look at the current state of the research.

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The Texas Observer.

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Back Magazine. Back Today. So if a guy's drunk at a college frat party and messes around with another guy, and then later regrets it and feels like it was dumb and he didn't like it, and never wants to do anything like that for the rest of his life, and likes only women for sex, that still means he's "bi" for the rest of his life?

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Sex usually consisted of kissing and groping breasts or buttocks.

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