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Viewing the past through the lens of the present is something I criticize a lot— is especially bad that way. Robin Hood's Delight Bookish Medievalist April 6, at All of these are as plausible as the one note flute of him sleeping with Philip. Archived from the original on 10 December I thought it was added for the remake, to modernize the story and to incorporate the ambivalent research about Richard possibly not having been entirely straight.

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August 27, at 6:

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Cruel, Anti-English And Almost Certainly Gay: Meet The Real Richard The Lionheart

The rapid conquest of the island by Richard is more important than it may seem. Walter de CoutancesArchbishop of Rouenwas reluctant to sell the manor as it was one of the diocese's most profitable, and other lands belonging to the diocese had recently been damaged by war. The search began for a fresh site for a new castle to defend the duchy of Normandy and act as a base from which Richard could launch his campaign to take back the Vexin from French control. He remained there until Tancred finally agreed to sign a treaty on 4 March Roger of Hoveden, The Annalstrans. John — Charles — Charles —

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Henry took the job of nursing a war-torn and fractured England back to health very seriously. With the land surrounding the Crusader States now unified for the first time, Saladin set about expelling the Crusaders. Muslim morale in Jerusalem was so low that the arrival of the Crusaders would probably have caused the city to fall quickly. The rapid conquest of the island by Richard is more important than it may seem. Edward II was clearly gay and we have a plethora of facts which support this assumption.

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