Signs your son may be gay

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Being a parent is an exercise in expecting the unexpected. Deadly human bone cancer found in million-year-old turtle Feb. Did you just want to figure it out yourself and move on? Using the correct pronouns for your child or any person is respectful. Studies have shown that children who have a loving and supportive home, especially with at least one supportive parent, are able to handle many of the challenges that come their way no matter their orientation. They stopped assuming everyone in the world was straight.

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I think my teen might be gay and I don't know how to support them

If your child is ready to share with family or friends and you are not, it is important to talk to your child and explain that you need a little more time to come to terms with what they have shared with you. Some helpful resources on this are listed at the bottom of this page. We care about their physical, mental and emotional health, and we have the ability to provide all of that in a convenient location. But more worrisome to him are the cultural assumptions underlying the study itself. By Natasha Gilbert Feb. Our culture teaches children that going against the societal norms makes you different. Put the phone down, turn the TV off and focus on what your child is telling you, repeat key phrases or feelings your child is expressing and provide affirmations.

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A controversial study finds children who engage in more gender-stereotypical play are more likely to self-identify as heterosexual later in life. And second, your child may not know or be fully comfortable in their sexuality — so they might not have an answer, but still feel pressure to give one. Did you just want to figure it out yourself and move on? RU Coming Out has stories about coming out from people worldwide. The objects and people children play with as early as toddlerhood may provide clues to their eventual sexual orientation, reveals the largest study of its kind. High blood pressure treatment could stall dementia Jan.

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