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This LGBT pride event promises to be one of the biggest and most spectacular to date and the main event, as always, will be the Madrid gay pride parade on Saturday 6th July when thousands of people march through the streets to celebrate freedom of expression and different types of sexuality. As the law now stands, there is no specific protection of homosexuality, but the Constitution's broad language concerning non-discrimination, which covers age, sex, religion, political ideology and "whatever other social or personal circumstances," has been applied in homosexual discrimination cases in the courts. A Historysuggests the possibility that a certain sense of self-preservation in the Roman society after suffering some epidemic such as the Black fever increased the reproductive pressure in the individuals. In accordance with constitutional provisions, the text approved by the Congress was then submitted to the Senate for final approval, change or veto. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people may serve openly in the Spanish Armed Forces.

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In the media, a new gay-oriented magazine emerged:

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Catalonia Sitges is an open and easy-going city which is always ready to make sure you have a good time. Find houses for sale and long term rentals on idealista. This was achieved with "yes" votes including a member of the People's Party, Celia Villalobos"no" votes, and four abstentions. The age of consent in Spain -- be it for hetero- or homosexual acts -- is a somewhat shockingly low 12 years old, although the Spanish parliament is will probably raise the age to 13, still relatively young.

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Petersburg Times.

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