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I saw his hand reach over and started to massage his cock through his sweatpants. As I released he pushed his whole finger up there. I watched Bill walk around to his bedside cabinet, opening the door and pulling out a bottle. He moved his finger around the lips of my hole. After fingering my ass for a good few minutes, he pulled out, reaching into his underwear to take out his cock. The door handle turned and Bill walked in, grinning like I had never seen before. I could see the anticipation in his eyes.

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He edged them down slowly until all that was left was my bare ass, pulling by briefs down with them.

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I looked up at him. I followed Bill into his bedroom, sitting down on the bed. We looked back each other, both as exited for what was to come. Before long he was controlling my movement holding my ass in order to bounce it on his cock making me go deep each time. All of a sudden I heard footsteps traveling up the stairs pausing outside my room. I did as I was told, filling my lungs with air.

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Suddenly I felt the tip of his finger penetrating my ass. Barely able to hold me due to the intense pleasure of my tight hole, the wall steadied his movements as he penetrated as far as his cock would allow. I felt his massive hands grabbed hold of my cheeks. He quickly transferred me to the bed where he could lay on top of me while his orgasm continued to leave him out of breath. I sat on top of his underwear grinding my cheeks between his shaft, feeling it grow to the size I had worshipped.

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