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From the moment on he gave his Sundays church, which earned my heartfelt approval as it meant that I could at last enjoy a peaceful, albeit very brief, lie-in before our newly acquired religious duties beckoned. When one of her work colleagues sold the story to the Daily Mirror, however, Hestair found itself besieged by reporters and Stephanie was persuaded to resign. Gender reassignment, the technical term for the process of changing sex, seemed to me to be a long, hard, unrewarding road that would cost me absolutely everything I had achieved and everything I held dear. Sulka — porn star. Subscribe in a reader.

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Sometimes I wondered half-hopefully whether what I believed to be my life might in reality prove to be nothing more than some terrible nightmare.

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I was horrified. In her sixth month she was confined to bed with a threatened miscarriage, and having to look after two little boys, hold down two part-time jobs as well as a full-time job and care for a sick, pregnant wife in addition to dealing with all the cooking and cleaning left me exhausted. He left school with four O-Levels:

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I took the easy option but the wrong one that was to have disastrous consequences.

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