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It is believed that excess testosterone promotes the growth of the right hemisphere of the brain at the expense of the left hemisphere. We found that the male 2D: It is the simplest hands-on experiment — and, for once, it is safe to try this at home. Pupils with longer ring fingers are said to be more likely to excel in numeracy while those with shorter ring fingers tend to be more adept at literacy. Verified by Psychology Today. Above 1. All Rights Reserved.

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Apple's XS really does take the iPhone to the Max.

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What if a hot girl sent you a friend request on Facebook? The research is to be published in the British Journal of Cardiology Source: Women lawyers have higher levels than housewives. Babies who were exposed to more male hormone in the womb tend to develop more 'male-typical' hands.

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We are updating our tests often to make sure it remain complied with our terms of service.

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