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There are specific events which glbtq. The Arab Revolution: Inthe Interior Ministry sent a secret memo to law enforcement ordering them to step up enforcement of the anti-gay criminal law. Yet most of the authors are hampered by at least three major flaws in their approach. The open expression of homosexuality was tolerated to a far greater degree in post-revolutionary Russia than in the capitalist countries. Lassalle declared:

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Furthermore, even if I state that my consciousness and hence the way I perceive my own gender identity is determined by the social conditions in which I live, does that make it any less real?

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The Hoxhaist regime in Albania penalized same-sex sexual intercourse with long prison terms, bullying and ostracism. This law established that the Soviet government altogether rejected the principle of persecuting homosexuality. But how many other such talented people have there been amongst homosexuals who hid their true proclivities? Initially their newspaper was sold monthly in the kiosks, with a print run of 8 thousand copies.

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In the West the ascendancy of Christianity led to homosexuality being repressed, often savagely.

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