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No way! Now it has been two months, and it's kind of pointless to pick it back up now since there have been too many changes. Because respiration was not standardized in this study, measurements were likely to be affected by the respiration of the transwomen measured and thereby it probably affected the accuracy of the measurements. Lisa Rapaport. In this photo I can barely tell that I have any at all. Physical and hormonal evaluation of transsexual patients: Third, all data regarding other medication use, comorbidities, tobacco use, and alcohol use were self-reported and therefore might be incomplete.

time lapse transgender breast growth
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Predictive markers for mammoplasty and a comparison of side effect profiles in transwomen taking various hormonal regimens.

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Susan's Place Transgender Resources. Will I ever be as pretty as you have become. Download all figures.

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Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

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