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Some people feel more comfortable with a particular genderthe most common example probably being male clients preferring a female practitioner. One of my therapists is a transgender person who was born male and now identifies as female. I LOVE that you guys are tackling this. Your New Massage Tool: As a transgender woman I normally feel exposed and vulnerable on the table, but Arwyn made me feel extremely comfortable, allowing me to relax and enjoy the experience. I have a number of LGBTQ clients and the stories they tell about hurtful behavior some intentional, some not by healthcare providers of all sorts is enough to make you exclaim Whiskey.

transgender massage
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Looking forward to your next edition!

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Other side effects of Estradiol treatments include toothaches, stomach cramps, muscle cramps, missed menstrual periods, hypertension, excessive thirst and headaches. Estradiol is what is typically known as estrogen, the primary steroid hormone facilitating secondary sex characteristics of females. You are here: Due to the increased estrogen levels, physical changes expected in a client who has transitioned from male to female may include thinner and drier skin; pain and temperature perceptions may change; new sensations may develop due to budding tissue beneath nipples; there might be a redistribution of adipose tissue; thinning hair; and changing facial features.

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This is a guest post from our friend Kat Mayerovitch.

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