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Skip to main content. As transgender people become more visible in the media and in community life across the country, more transgender people are able to name and understand their own experiences and may feel safer and more comfortable sharing it with others. But new vaginas can be painful, unwieldy, and sometimes confusing. Should trans women be able to sit on women-only panels or be on women-only shortlists? Transgender people may need to change a number of documents in order to live according to their gender identity, such as their:

transsexual sex faq
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It helps make life admin easier, like making it straightforward to get a passport with the right gender on it so you can travel more easily, but mainly it means that, as a trans person, you can have that piece of paper to show the state believes you are who you are.

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For good or ill, it was largely prodded on by the Pulse shooting. But what about public toilets? Haven't seen 'Pose' yet? How can I get my old medical records?

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Most people probably don't spend a lot of time thinking about lube.

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