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The majority of men, whether they are circumcised or uncircumcised, are perfectly happy with their penises. Some gay men are aroused only by anonymous sex - you know, the kind of sex you two had on your first "date. Those are the "tricks that exist" to help guys like you, and it sounds like you've mastered them. Current restoration methods, however, are more like earlobe stretching and not actually tissue regeneration. But porn isn't a source of conflict for us. I'm good for two to three minutes and then I really have to be careful. Your husband's problem - your ex-husband's problem - wasn't porn.

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Healthy foreskin tissue is preventatively removed to prevent problems that have not yet happened.

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Cut v. Uncut: An exploration of male circumcision (and foreskin restoration!)

He felt himself flagging, so he switched on his computer and watched porn until he got it up again. May 8,by Cirrus Wood. Not all the time - but at least 50 per cent of the time. Hundreds of thousands of men are engaged in non-surgical foreskin restoration to undo some of the predictable sexual damage of childhood circumcision. Profiling notable LGBT people from history.

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As to whether the foreskin 2. I am 62 years old, fit, handsome and intelligent. NOW Newsletters Sign up to receive the latest from nowtoronto. You can do the math: I am not circumcised. Learn the history of The 'Harvard Secret Court,' where students were expelled for being gay.