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Home News Sport Business. Burns remarks "I guess there's nothing left but to kiss my sorry butt good-bye. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. He gets fed up with Burns not appreciating him and considers his options. Retrieved October 25, In a article, Entertainment Weekly named Smithers the 16th-greatest sidekick of all time. In many ways, Smithers represents the stereotype of a closeted gay man, and numerous overt allusions and double entendres concerning his homosexuality are made, though some of the show's producers instead interpret him as a "Burns-sexual".

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Smithers says, "You've been reading my wishbook, sir.

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Smithers will finally come out - thanks to Simpsons writer's gay son

Burns' teddy bear Bobo; [50] and the other, known as "future Smithers", shows him as a robotic dog. Smithers, take off my belt. Smithers was partly based on how numerous Fox executives and staff members acted towards Barry Diller. Smithers was colorized in his first appearance as black with blue hair. LaZebnik had been working on an episode in which Smithers came out for "two or three years before he pitched it", and showed Johnny an early version of the script for his approval.

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Burns was inspired from how numerous Fox executives and staff members acted towards Barry Diller. By Daniel D'Addario April 4, When Burns collides into him while hanging between the Simpson and Flanders homes, Smithers groans. Views Read Edit View history. His father, Waylon Smithers, Sr. Smithers cries, "I sent it to you on your birthday!

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