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The Digital Collection. A Yankee in Canada. Over the course of two marriages, her father, Calvinist preacher Lyman Beecher, fathered 13 children, 11 of whom survived into adulthood. There have also been suggestions of a love affair between Thoreau and Lidian Emerson, fifteen years his senior, during the time when Ralph Waldo was away in England. The Early Years of the Saturday Club — Anarchism portal Socialism portal Environment portal Politics portal. The Victorian Age.

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Henry David Thoreau and 19th Century Science.

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In an interview with Preservation Magazine, Henley described the importance of preserving Walden Woods: This book may be detrimental to your Thoreau worship. Eliot R. He has plowed through mountains of source material--as just about everyone involved in this high octane intellectual circle Concord left multivolume memoirs, journals and letters--and distilled out the truly important quotations and details that show us the subtle developement of this friendhsip.

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He traveled to Canada East once, Cape Cod four times, and Maine three times; these landscapes inspired his "excursion" books, A Yankee in CanadaCape Codand The Maine Woodsin which travel itineraries frame his thoughts about geography, history and philosophy.

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