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A crazed coastal freeway chase involving a fleeing DEA agent, machine-gun-wielding baddies, and an auto hauler dropping cars left and right. Too improbable, too unrealistic, too far fetched as if anyone would let a complete stranger into their homes in New York City. The Career of Donald Sutherland. Roland Emmerich's alien invasion epic is a mixture of amped up alien-invasion action and broad, uneasy comedy; Smith provides both via his heroic Marine Corps pilot who winds up helping lead Earth's resistance against the deadly E. Close the menu.

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The man of the hour starred with his own offspring, Jaden, in this very touching portrait of Chris Gardner, a real-life San Francisco businessman whose failed ventures eventually led to his becoming homeless with his son. There is often a difference between a "movie star" and an "actor"; this is where Smith proved he could be both with downplaying the other. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air:

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The film tries to be intellectual for the sake of being intellectual, and not because it has something to say.

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