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These meeting places were generally tavernspublic housescoffeehouses [2] or even private rooms [3] where men could either socialize or meet possible sexual partners. Retrieved 9 November Show 25 25 50 All. Caring for our Collections See More. Also explore the movement pages that include important innovators, especially Queer Art and Identity Politics. Geoffrey Macnab. She and half a dozen of her customers were also put into the pillory, fined, and imprisoned for periods of up to two years.

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The flamboyant 18th-century 'Macaronis' were so called because they were said to prefer continental pasta to good old British roast beef.

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Garrick's versions of the plays were closer to the originals than most, but even so, there were changes. Read latest edition. Hester Thrale was a member of the literary circle surrounding the famous encyclopediast Dr Samuel Johnson. Retrieved 14 November

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Gender, sex and subordination in England, —

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