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The cohort also only includes people seeking formal medical treatment, which often excludes sex workers and people who buy hormones from the black market. Tantalizing hints are already beginning to emerge about the respective roles of hormones and genetics in gender identity. The impacts are complex, Defreyne says, and can be difficult to parse from those associated with the psychological counselling and the personal growth that many experience. Different countries tend to use different hormone formulations, and some physicians use progesterone in addition to oestrogen, but the approaches have never been directly compared against one another. Barriers to healthcare — Data collection on health disparities among transgender people is very limited, but the data we do have reveal a healthcare system that is not meeting the needs of the transgender community. The topic was not discussed. This stigma plays out in a variety of contexts — leaving us vulnerable to lawmakers who attempt to leverage anti-transgender stigma to score cheap political points; to family, friends or coworkers who reject transgender people upon learning about our transgender identities; and to people who harass, bully and commit serious violence against transgender people.

all things transgender
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If you're unsure which pronoun a person uses, listen first to the pronoun other people use when referring to that person.

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Skip to main content. Annapurna Pictures. The work could help to explain why some people are more resilient than others, and lead to better treatment.

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