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He also says, repeatedly, that he is against gay marriage. And we're proud of you. Vice-President Joe Biden had inadvertently broken the ice by coming out for same-sex marriage in a separate interview a few days before. At the same time, the White House was working in countless smaller ways to expand gay rights in housing assistance, hospital visitation and other areas. In addition, the guidance makes clear that sexual orientation and gender identity should not and cannot be part of any lending decision when it comes to getting an FHA-insured mortgage. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Share it with us.

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Many of the president's early critics have come around to that point of view.

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'Love is love': Obama lauds gay marriage activists in hailing 'a victory for America'

The president praised that Supreme Court decision, but activists have not always applauded him. In the book, Believer: Department of Education hosted five summits on strategies for protecting students, including LGBT students, from bullying and harassment. Donate today to help HRC achieve full equality — nothing less! President has referenced bisexual or trans people in the annual speech. Hodgesthe U.

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Far from a political liability, the president's embrace of same-sex marriage helped to mobilize young supporters. When the Supreme Court took up the issue of California's voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage last year, the Justice Department argued that a state could not take away same-sex marriage rights after granting them, but the U. In his second inaugural, Obama wove the push for gay rights into a broader civil rights tapestry, stretching from Seneca Falls and Selma to Stonewall. And I think that it is an issue that I wrestle with and think about because I have a whole host of friends who are in gay partnerships. Now, make me do it. It previously prevented the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages, until the Supreme Court ruled that provision unconstitutional in For longtime adviser Wolff, it was an emotional moment.

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