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The overall household response rate a product of the screener response rate, Retrieved June 17, A greater proportion of 'Yes on 8' videos were scripted and professionally produced. Intrusion into marriage should be even-handed". That issue hasn't been really addressed," Bialys said. What happens if we marry in California and later wish to divorce?

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In addition, at least eleven American Indian tribal nations explicitly allow same-sex couples to marry.

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Intrusion into marriage should be even-handed". Nothing prevents a plan from providing continuation coverage to domestic partners, but such coverage isn't required by federal law. After the results were certified and same-sex marriages ceased, supporters of the initiative were targeted by opponents with actions ranging from some opponents publicly shaming supporters by disclosing their names and addresses online, causing many individual supporters to lose their jobs, and boycotting proponents' businesses and employers to others threatening supporters with murder and vandalizing their homes and property. Distress was positively associated with living in an urban area, having a household income lower than the median California household income, and reporting fair or poor health.

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May 22, [].

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