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This is not surprising because, she has already provided all the answers in the previous paragraphs. All work you submit must be your own. At the beginning of the essay, Colson alarmingly predicts the end of marriage if same —sex unions were to be legalized. All through history from biblical beginnings until today mankind has been unenthusiastic to recognize what the Longman Advanced American Dictionaryp. Another common strategy used by Pollitt and Colson is the factual presentation of ideas.

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ABC NEWS To sum up, readers will note that although Katha Polllitt and Charles Colson have divergent views on same —sex marriage, they never the less use similar or identical strategies to propagate their positions and alert readers on the necessity of participating in the ongoing and dynamic discussion.

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Critical Response Essay

Actually she implies here that such marriages are anything but sacred. A great deal of details and statistics are cumulatively presented to prove that the legalization of same sex marriage will be problematic to the nation as a whole. In learning how to summarize a text and interact with it in writing, you are learning how to contribute your own ideas to a conversation. Even in the toughest inner city neighborhoods, just 10 percent of kids from intact families get into trouble, but 90 percent of those from broken families do…. ENA Same sex relationships are the most challenging societal trend that divides Americans today. You will need to properly document sources and provide a works cited page.

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Charles Colson, like Pollitt, also provides supporting details in a credible manner. Does the thesis accurately forecast the rest of the essay? He seems to scream the following: She uses the following to enhance her argument: Think of your response as your analysis of how the text has expanded and deepened your thinking about its ideas. Pollitt selects convincing examples that expose the conjugal need of same —sex lovers; her arguments revolve around the notion that everybody is born equal and should not be discriminated against. He seems to show that the idea of same-sex marriage is so unacceptable that there is no vocabulary item to represent the phenomenon.

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