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It wasn't necessarily a better place but it was certainly Uglier! After being a photographer in the army, my interests led me to work within graphic design. This last year has been a wild-ass ride. May be, I know when they were first discussing all of this, he even suggested they could stay married nothing would change, but she would go and date other women, even be sexual with them and he wouldn't care. My friend was devastated.

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My money would be on him not telling her.

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In my own paraphrased words:. No text is allowed in the textbox. Back to Office with CapeTalk and Makro. I'm straight, I'm attracted to men. I learned all of this after the fact from the mutual friend who set us up. We have two kids. Well, he skirted the issue of if he actually told his wife.

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He grew up in the south, had the very deep southern baptist roots. We were fired up with the semantics of the lesbian and gay movement, but we truly had little idea the event would grow to such poignant and far reaching proportions. How is your mom in regard to relationships? Not gonna lie, I've totally watched a few times. Follow Wes Hurley on Twitter. If anything, they were awkward around each other.

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