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For some reason, I went along with it. I looked up the main track that ran onto the road running to the Bunning's farm. Tags Portal Chat Forum. A red bandanna was stuffed in his mouth to likely silence him, and his face was strained and nearly as crimson as the kerchief, but Dad was being taken willingly. I said. Using his foot to spread my legs apart he reached under my ass and and grabbed my balls in another crushing grip. Report Story.

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A Gay Sex. Josh looked back at the open barn doors once more and then around the barnI moved back in the shadows of the hay bales as not to be seen. We stood in silence for a while, but with me heating up just having him standing there, and with that question on my mind. I stayed back there as Lester made his way out the side door of the barn and down the path to the little cabin he shared with his wife.

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His body was covered in curly dark gold hair and his skin under his clothes was as white as milk, compared to his deeply tanned arms, face and neck.

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