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And he fucked me for 18 months almost every day. Maybe because he's planting it deeper then anyone else has in me or something? Then after time it slowly drains out leaving a hot steamy puddle below. Keeping a guy's cum inside you. You can feel the guys dick harden up, throb slightly, and you can feel his thrusts change.

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I can feel the loads sitting inside me but they feel comfortable.

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They are the super goddess in all ways and within minutes can make a man go crazy for them. My BF likes to fuck me after another dude has just left his load in me. I never let a guys cum out. D there are only a few hours in the day when I don't have his cum inside me, and even less on weekends: When someone signs up from your site, they must first click on your classified ad which will open a new window leading to your main website. And he fucked me for 18 months almost every day.

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Usually the loads will stay inside until mid-morning or lunch time, when I have to use the bathroom they won't stay in this time to push out what feels like a cup full of cum. Then I'll shower and get ready for work, and despite having cum while he fucks me, I'll still be rock hard all throughout my shower and on the way to work. Sometimes the loads get a bit restless and want to come out, but when that happens - if I have enough time before I have to get up for work - I'll lay in bed and try to relax, maybe have a really shot snooze, while he rubs my gut just above my pubes. I miss that guy with wis huge and juicy cock! So anyway, like I said we usually fuck at night before we sleep and again in the morning - and because he always cums twice each time, I get at least 4 loads of cum from him.

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